The Shoppes at Middletown will revitalize an underutilized property into a destination unlike any other in Middletown or Monmouth County, complete with a seamless mix of specialty shopping, dining and entertainment venues within a lush, pedestrian-friendly town center. It will create a world-class setting for retailers and businesses, generating a valuable additional tax ratable for the Township, helping to support local public services and hold the line on residents’ property taxes.

Plans for the commercial component of the site are in complete accordance with the area in need of redevelopment ordinance. The approved plan encompasses 50,000 fewer square feet than the redevelopment ordinance and General Development Plan approved for the site. Upon completion, The Shoppes at Middletown will create nearly 1,000 full and part-time jobs for the area, in addition to hundreds of construction jobs.

This is not your ordinary shopping center. It’s a walkable outdoor town center (17 acres of open space) designed to meet the evolving needs of retail by combining entertainment, shopping and dining in one central experience. The Shoppes at Middletown’s design incorporates green technology and natural materials. Green technology features include:

  • Addition of tree-lined drive aisles and walkways, as well as a variety of aesthetic landscaping features, drought-tolerant plants throughout parking and pedestrian areas

  • Stormwater collected from the roof areas will be used to recharge the property’s wetland areas

  • State-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED fixtures for primary and ambient lighting throughout the development. All lighting has been designed for dark sky cut-off

  • Advanced insulating glass and “cool roofs” that reduce heat and glare while increasing energy efficiency

  • Electric car-charging stations

In addition, Village 35 has conducted exhaustive studies to ensure the project will minimize its impact on area traffic, parking and the surrounding environment. The New Jersey Departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection have both thoroughly reviewed and subsequently approved the plan, which includes numerous off-site improvements to optimize area traffic and infrastructure, including eight points of ingress and egress to ease traffic on Route 35. Our design for storm water management meets today’s strict requirements of the municipality and state. With input from numerous well-respected industry architects, engineers, and designers, the development is designed to respect the charm of the area and raises the bar on the quality of future developments along Route 35.